Gauge 1 Products

The builders of these carriages are the same modellers who have built carriages in other Finescale Carriage and Coach ranges


Our products in Gauge1 are now being offered for sale.


These carriages are built in the West Midlands of the UK and our suppliers are as local as they can possibly be.


As a result we can offer the customer exactly what he wants as long as the vehicle is in our range. We can also provide a bespoke building service for coaches not in the range, this would be at extra cost.


The prices listed are for the basic vehicle. The basic vehicle however is far from basic.

The body and underframe are made from brass sheet, most detail castings are also brass, whitemetal is also used.

The floor is plywood, this helps absorb unwanted noises.

The internal detail is a combination of wood and resin and brass details

The bogies are again mainly brass with whitemetal detail, the bolster is sprung giving good compensation, the wheels and axle run in their owh brass saddle with roller bearings as standard. All these features result in a very free running vehicle.


The couplings are screw link as standard, other types of coupling can be offered at extra cost.


Corridor conections (where fitted)  operate in a prototypical manner  and are made from brass and fabric.


Lighting can also be offered at extra cost, the lighting system we use in our carriages uses a rechargeable battery pack and intelligent charger supplied by Strikalite. A strip of LED's are are used for illumination and the switch and charger socket are fitted inside the corridor connection. The lighting system is integral with the building of the carriage and this system cannot be retro-fitted as this would damage the finish of the carriage.


Example Prices

From Jan 2022 our prices have had to be increased to reflect the rising cost of materials, this process is ongoing and the prices will be updated when details are available.

We acknowledge that our products are expensive and the increases will put them more out of range for a lot of potential customers, however a lot of our products are unique, our development programme is ongoing and we strive to deliver a first class product,

Until the prices are reviewed please contact us by e-mail or phone for a quote


GWR C67 Collett Corridor 3rd______________£1320.00p

GWR C54 Collett Corridor 3rd (Bow End)_____£1340.00p

GWR E93 70' Toplight Corridor Composite____£1480.00p

GWR E95 57' Toplight Composite Brake______£1320.00p

LMS D1905 Corridor Brake 3rd_____________£1320.00p

LMS D1899 Corridor 3rd__________________£1320.00p

GWR K15 Full Brake_____________________£1050.00p

GWR K34 Toplight Full Brake______________£1120.00p

GWR D42 Dreadnought Brake 3rd___________£1720.00p

GWR H26/29 Collett Restaurant Car_________£1420.00p

GWR C27 Concertina Corridor 3rd___________£1720.00p

GWR D43 Concertina Corridor Brake 3rd______£1720.00p

GWR M10 70' Postal Sorting Van___________£1380.00p

GWR K4 Full Brake  (6'4" Bogies)___________£1050.00p


The above is a sample of the new vehicles in our range giving a idea of the cost. We do have other GWR LMS LNWR LSWR carriages and a smaller selection of other company carriages in our range. Please contact us if there is something that is not shown on the list is required.



Standard UK screw link couplings are usually fitted, we can however fit other types of coupling as required.

For example the Kadee 820 coupling can be fitted at a cost of an extra £15 per carriage.

This must be stipulated at the time of the order.



Lighting________________£95.00p. (must be stipulated at the time of the order.)


PLUS Delivery Charges