The builders of these carriages are the same modellers who have previously built  carriages in Finescale Carriage and Coach ranges in 1/32 7mm and 4mm.We now primarily build in Gauge1 1/32 but accept commisions in 10mm scale


Our products in Gauge1 are now being offered for sale.


These carriages are built in the West Midlands of the UK and our suppliers are as local as they can possibly be.


As a result we can offer the customer exactly what he wants as long as the vehicle is in our range.


The prices listed are for the basic vehicle. The basic vehicle however is far from basic.

The body and underframe are made from brass sheet, most detail castings are also brass, whitemetal is also used.

The floor is plywood, this helps absorb unwanted noises.

The internal detail is a combination of wood and resin and brass details

The bogies are again mainly brass with whitemetal detail, the bolster is sprung giving good compensation, the wheels and axle run in their owh brass saddle with roller bearings as standard. All these features result in a very free running vehicle.


The couplings are screw link as standard, other types of coupling can be offered at extra cost.


Corridor conections (where fitted) are operational made from brass and fabric.


Lighting can also be offered at extra cost.